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50-YO 2e SCHOOL. A school in Longview, Texas, which is in its 50th year has always had the goal of "meeting the academic needs of intellectually gifted children who have challenges competing with the goals of education," according to the Longview News-Journal. It's a K-8 school with 43 students, focusing on success in three areas: social, emotional, and academic. Read more. ARIZONA FUNDING FOR 2e STUDENTS. An article at AZBigMedia.com describes a state program, Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, as a source of funding for 2e students to pay tuition at private schools. The example in the article centered around Gateway Academy, a school for high-ability students on the spectrum. According to the article, Empowerment funding is available for students with disabilities, students from military families, Native Americans, foster children, and certain others. Find the article. Find out more about Arizona's Empowerment Scholarship accounts. (Note that the article also refers to "Education Savings Accounts"; the context/meaning/use is not clear in the article.) ADDITUDE says one of its most popular recent articles was about angry, defiant kids -- kids who might have oppositional defiant disorder, a condition ADDitude says co-occurs frequently with ADHD. Got and angry or defiant kid in your house? Check out the article. UNIVERSAL DESIGN FOR LEARNING is a methodology used to make instruction more accessible based on student needs. It's often used in special ed situations... but can be useful any student who does not learn in a typical fashion. Find the article at Edutopia. Separately, Education Dive also reported recently on UDL; find it. UPCOMING WEBINAR. On May 23, ADDitude offerss a free expert webinar, "An ADHD Guide to Emoti...


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