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WHAT HAPPENED TO SUMMER? Increasingly, the items we're seeing as we scan for goodies for this blog have the words "back to school" in them. For example:-- ADDitude has emailed a set of five articles on setting up accommodations for the upcoming school year. Find them. -- The Child Mind Institute says in this week's newsletter, "For many kids with ADHD or a learning disorder, the start of the school year brings high hopes for a fresh start." Featured are six articles with advice for coming up with a "plan of attack" based on specific strengths and weaknesses. Find the articles. -- Special ed attorney Matt Cohen says this at the beginning of the "tip sheet" he offers for back-to-school: "For kids with disabilities and their families, there is often greater reason for anxiety and more difficulty feeling the excitement, as concerns about how the child’s program will be implemented loom large." His 10 tips span a variety of tactics. Find the tip sheet. AND FOR HOMESCHOOLERS-- GHF is plugging the online courses it offers for gifted and 2e students. Find out more. -- TiLT Parenting's most recent podcast is with Colleen Kessler on homeschooling gifted and 2e children. Find the podcast. RAISING SUCCESSFUL ADULTS. An "On Parenting" perspective at The Washington Post is titled "Seven myths about what it takes to raise successful adults." We think that some of the debunking might put parents of 2e young people more at ease about their future. Find the article. EVENTS-- On August 13, SENG offers a webinar titled "Teaching Executive Function Skills: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Implementation with 2e Learners." The webinar is research-based, according to organizers. More information. -- The 2e Center for Research and Profess...


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