Brain Stimulation (& DIY); Teaching Students with Dyslexia; More

BRAIN STIMULATION. An article at The New York Times will bring you up to speed on the topic of brain stimulation, including applications of interest to those here -- for example, for working memory or for ADHD symptoms. Also mentioned: the do-it-yourself subculture of brain stimulation. Find the article. Separately, if you're considering joining that DIY movement, check out a story at Science Daily about the ethical issues of the marketing of stimulation devices directly to consumers. TEACHING KIDS WITH DYSLEXIA. Edutopia carries an article about teaching students who have reading problems. It begins with a story about a teacher who used the reading skills techniques she'd been trained on -- only to find they didn't work. The story gets personal when that teacher's son is diagnosed with dyslexia. The article covers the neuroscience behind dyslexia, and ways that teachers may try to address the issue. Also covered: "the road ahead" in teacher training. Find the article. NEWSLETTERS-- This week from the Child Mind Institute, a focus on bipolar disorder in teens and young adults, plus treatment. Find it. -- Wrightslaw, in Special Ed Advocate, addresses an issue one parent encountered: "Our principal gave us a deadline date for putting my child on medication." Wrightslaw: Wrong! Find it. -- The GHF Journey offers news, articles, and information about GHF resources for those who homeschool their gifted/2e kids. Find it. EVENTS-- June 4, SENG webinar "Understanding the Latest Neuroscience of Giftedness," A fee applies. More information.-- June 11, webinar "The Search for Novel Treatment Targets for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder," by the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. More information. -- June 25, webinar for adults...


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