Dyslexia, Learning Differences, Slow Processing Speed, ADHD, More

REVERSE POEM ON DYSLEXIA. A teacher in England was killing time and explaining "reverse poems" to her class, getting them engaged in writing a few lines of one. A student, a girl who is not dyslexic, chose the subject of dyslexia for her poem and continued to work on it in the classroom over lunchtime, according to "Today." Find the poem.

LEARNING DIFFERENCES are the topic of an article at SmartBrief and a topic of interest to pretty much everyone here. From the article: "When students experiences failure on a regular basis, or are unable to experience success regularly, they’re robbed of their confidence and joy. A learning difference doesn’t mean that a child is disabled or has a disorder. He or she just has a different way of learning; that’s it! It’s the responsibility of the adults in students’ lives to get them from little people to big people with confidence and joy in their hearts. With or without learning differences, all students are entitled to experience happiness and a sense of accomplishment on a regular basis." Read more.

A QUESTION: "What is the difference between Slow Processing Speed, Auditory Processing, Sensory Integration, and Autism Spectrum Disorders?" Ellen Braaten at the Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds provides the answer; find it.

ADDITUDE tells how to explain ADHD to your child while framing it positively. Find the article.

TiLT PARENTING. In her latest communique, Debbie Reber describes a visit to Bridges Academy and includes a picture of herself with Sue Baum, Robin Schader, and Kim Vargas of Bridges -- all of whom we enjoyed seeing on our trip to California last month for CAG. Debbie also points to her most recent podcast, which is on the Montessori philosophy and differ...


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