Learning Online and at Home

FREE THIS WEEK -- that' a Digital Sanity Summit, with topics relevant to working and schooling from home. Find out more. 2e NEWS, from Bridges Education Group, offers a freely-accessible article, "How 2e Schools Transition to Online Learning." The article features commentary by the founders or leaders of several 2e-friendly schools on the switch -- educators from Big Minds Unschool, FlexSchool, Bridges, Arete, The Quad Manhattan, and more. Find the article. LANDMARK COLLEGE offers the article "Best practices for remote learning for students with learning differences." Landmark caters so such students. Example best practice: how to display information online. Find the best practices. EDUCATION WEEK. An article at this publication focuses not on instruction but delivering special ed services online, e.g., "tele-therapy." The focus, to be honest, is more on the challenges than on solutions. Find the article. GIFTED CHALLENGES. Psychologist Gail Post writes in her blog about "five essential guidelines for helping your child during this global crisis." She notes, "Gifted children, in particular, may have a difficult time during this crisis, especially those who are highly sensitive, obsessive overthinkers, or who struggle with existential depression." Find Gifted Challenges. CHILD MIND INSTITUTE. This organization's weekly news communique is about anxiety during the pandemic -- parents' as well as children's, and how to manage it. (One tip: "be smart about what you're reading.") Find the advice from Child Mind Institute. GIFTED AND DISTRACTIBLE. This newsletter from Julie Skolnick offers her take on how to get the family through times like these. Also: information on her new Let's Talk 2e community. Find the newsletter. JEN ...


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