Learning Styles, OCD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Etc

LEARNING STYLES: MYTHICAL OR REAL? Another piece of research on learning styles focuses on the beliefs of educators and others about the reality of those styles, e.g., whether learning styles are real and perhaps inherited from parents. The starting point for the research is that learning styles are a myth, a concept not supported by scientific evidence. Find the study write-up. We in the 2e community have a different concept of "learning style." We don't believe that dyslexia is a myth, or dyscalculia, or other conditions that might require a student to access and express information in ways different than neurotypical peers. We do believe, however, that this issue needs examination and clarification with regards to how the terms are used and applied to students in the 2e community. If learning styles are a myth, then it seems to us that many, many people and institutions must be mistakenly using the term "students who learn differently" as part of their mission description. AND SPEAKING OF "students who learn differently," NCLD and Understood just issued a report with the stated purpose of "helping educators unlock the power of students who learn differently." The report is based on a literature review and expert input, and it lays out:-- Three critical mindsets which can positively influence learning of the 1 in 5 students with learning and attention issues-- Eight practices to improve classroom achievement of the 1 in 5Find the report. MORE ON MENTAL HEALTH IN COLLEGE. In our last posting, we mentioned a USA Today article on this topic. NPR has a related story covering the possible origins of the "epidemic. The angle here: the interviewees are a professor of psychiatry and a family therapist who are co-authors of ...


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