The Hot List: A Guide to Summer’s Exciting and Enriching 2e Programs

The Summer Doldrums can be a drag for 2e students and a challenge for parents. Wouldn’t it be great to find fun classes that also improve hard-won skills? Well, you can start your search with our annual Hot List for summer courses that offer fun in the sun and out of it, great opportunities for talent development, and a chance to make new friends, all while doing cool stuff.

Bridges Academy has become the flagship learning center in the twice-exceptional world, and their summer program is specifically designed to meet the needs of 2e students.

“The Bridges model is very talent-development focused,” says Chris Wiebe, the assistant director of the Bridges Education Group. “Our summer offerings on campus and online are designed to cater directly to unique interests and to open other possible places for discovery.”

Over thirty on-campus classes at Bridges Academy in Studio City, California include kickboxing, movie crafts, video game theory, golf, theater, and philosophy in film. Classes are kept small and under the guidance of teachers with years of 2e experience. Some examples:
• In “10,000 Steps in LA,” Kirk Stauffer guides students via public transportation to the Huntington Gardens, Griffith Park, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and other cool spots. “There’s lots of walking,” says Stauffer, “and lunches at iconic eateries such as Phillipe’s and Roscoe’s.”
• For more action, there’s Barry Blonksy’s “Outdoor Adventures,” which takes students hiking, surfing, and rock climbing–including a ropes course in Malibu! “Our goal,” says Blonsky, “is to have safe fun while stimulating the mind, body, and soul in the great California outdoors.”
• For those looking to pursue a more meditative experience, there are several cr...


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