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2e News provides readers with high-level information and perspectives about twice-exceptional (2e) education and cognitive diversity. We cover a broad range of topics that are essential for all educators, parents, and industry professionals. Our mission is to maintain a fruitful conversation among key stakeholders to improve the lives of gifted students with learning differences.

We also produce the semiannually published print magazine, Variations2e Not All Great Minds Think Alike. The magazine can be purchased here.

2e News represents the next generation of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter, which publishers Mark Bade and Linda Neumann started in 2003. We are thrilled to continue to bring you articles from the distinguished authors you’ve grown accustomed to reading in the 2e Newsletter while also working new voices into the conversation. The site will be updated with new content weekly, with email updates going out to subscribers each month.

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