Bright & Quirky 2021 Tackles Five Key Themes

Each year since 2018, the Bright & Quirky Online Child Summit has aimed to share expertise and support around twice-exceptionality. The summit, which evolved from local 2e support groups designed by licensed marriage and family therapist Debbie Steinberg Kuntz — whose own children are 2e — now attracts thousands of attendees worldwide tuning in to hear from many of the leading voices in the field.

This year’s lineup for the summit, which ran last week and is still available online, included five days of expert talks with five sessions on each day.

Day 1: Taming Stress, Anxiety & Worry
Day 2: Motivating Kids & Balancing Tech
Day 3: Thriving & Learning
Day 4: Neurodiversity & Autism
Day 5: Coping, Growi...


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About Stuart Matranga

Stuart Matranga is an author and journalist who has written for Rolling Stone, Maxim, and other magazines. As a teacher, he specializes in students who are reluctant readers. Stuart has extensive experience teaching and working with twice-exceptional students.