NAGC Coverage — 2e Students: A Civil Rights Imperative

In this issue we conclude coverage of sessions from the 2016 annual convention of the National Association for Gifted Children held in November in Orlando, Florida. Following is a write-up of a session on using federal laws that address the educational rights of children with disabilities to get the services and accommodations to which they are entitled.

Presenters: Barbara Gilman, Associate Director, Gifted Development Center, Westminster, Colorado; and Kathi Kearney, Gifted Education Specialist, Maine School Administrative District 51, Cumberland, Maine

What Is “Appropriate” in FAPE?

FAPE stands for “free and appropriate education.” An education is appropriate when it is “sufficient to confer some educational benefit upon the handicapped child… [in-cluding] specialized instruction and related services which are individually designed to provide educational benefit to the handicapped child.” (Rowley, 458 U.S. at 200-0, as cited on Wrightslaw, rhinebeck.htm.) —BG and KK

According to Barbara Gilman and Kathi Kearney, states, school districts, colleges, and testing companies “are doing a lot of wrong things” with regard to providing twice-exceptional students with the services, accommodations, and access to gifted programming they need. When it comes to receiving FAPE — the free appropriate public education guaranteed by U.S. law to children with disabilities — the speakers expressed concern that 2e students are being missed. “It is a civil rights imperative,” they explained, “that we not leave these kids out.”

The presenters focused on two federal laws ...


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