Share Your Thoughts: Creating 2e-Friendly Environments

2e brainstorm sessionTwice-exceptional individuals — students or adults — can be described as being gifted or highly gifted while also having learning differences. Members of this population need to operate in spaces that serve to maximize their potential for input, contributions, and impact. These spaces include the school, home, and work environments.

At the recent 2e Vision & Leadership Symposium hosted by the Bridges 2e Center, roughly 120 participants, parents, teachers, researchers, and legal advocates put their heads together to try to define what makes a space 2e friendly and supportive of complex minds.

Participants generated ideas that will be developed into a general declaration of support, inclusion, and respect that could be used as a guideline for schools, workplaces, and homes in their efforts to create the best possible environments for twice-exceptional individuals.

Before the final draft of the declaration is completed, the 2e Center would very much like to hear from you. What ideas do you have that would reinforce brainstorms from the symposium? What new viewpoints and concrete suggestions can you share?

Please take a moment to fill out the survey below, and remember that you can contribute ideas that might improve the physical, creative, intellectual, or social/emotional environments. All types of suggestions are welcome. Please submit your comments by October 31.

If we choose to incorporate your suggestion into the final document, your name will be included as a contributor to the 2e Consortium’s efforts. Please answer YES or NO regarding whether you would want to be listed.
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