Talking About the Let’s Talk 2e Conference

Over the years, the Let’s Talk 2e Conference has become essential viewing for parents, teachers, counselors, and others involved with the twice-exceptional. And in this most exceptional of years, making vital information easy and accessible has become critical. Although, as Conference organizer, Julie Skolnick says, “everything today is on Zoom, and there isn’t as much novelty to video conferences as there was when we started in 2018, what the pandemic has confirmed for us is that making the conference available all at once, on demand forever, when you want it, is something our attendees love.”

This year’s Let’s Talk 2e Conference presents 25 sessions with some of the most influential innovators in the twice-exceptional field, organized into four strands: Understanding 2e, Classroom Strategies, Cultural Diversity, and Clinical Considerations. Additionally, interviews with the speakers conclude each session. The conference also offers an Exhibitor Hall with more information about enrichment, clinicians, education, consultants, and related associations, downloadable files from the speakers, and credit opportunities.
Understanding 2e
Kicked off by Skolnick, the “Transitions” session provides a guide to engaging student buy-in for various activities using supportive language and creative responses. Skolnick presents different ways adults can bypass the rigidity, anxiety, perfectionism, and overexcitabilities often seen in 2e children.

Often the key to developing effective strategies for 2e learners is to have a better and deeper understanding of their individual personalities. Susan Baum details tools that can be used to assess a child’s personality, such as the easy-to-use Quick Personality Indicator. Misunderstandi...


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Stuart Matranga is an author and journalist who has written for Rolling Stone, Maxim, and other magazines. As a teacher, he specializes in students who are reluctant readers. Stuart has extensive experience teaching and working with twice-exceptional students.