Voices of 2e: Debbie Reber, Podcaster and Author

When it comes to discussing children who are neurologically atypical, Debbie Reber has created her own vocabulary. She refers to these kids as being differently wired; and she talks about tilts. These are, in Reber’s words, “little shifts or ‘tweaks’ we can make in the way we think and the things we do in response to challenging aspects of parenting our differently- wired kids.”
Examples of tilts are “Let go of what others think,” and “Stop fighting who your child is and lean in.” Reber has come up with 18 of them that she describes in her recently published book, Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World (reviewed in the May, 2018, issue of 2e Newsletter). Tilts, as she states on her website TiLT Parenting, o...


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