New Book Provides ‘Insight Into a Bright Mind’

Dr. Nicole Tetreault is uniquely qualified to deliver new perspectives on the lives of twice-exceptional (2e) and gifted individuals. Not only is she a neuroscientist who has spent years microscopically studying the brain cells of those qualified as differently wired, but she lives life as twice-exceptional herself. She navigates marriage with another gifted mind, leveraging strategies she has learned through trial and error over the years to find what works as a couple.

Yet, the experience of mothering a 2e child is what she proclaims changed her life for the better. The parenting journey was the catalyst for her to see and accept the unique needs of her son Spencer, who inspired Tetreault to share the ideas contained in her new book, Insight Into a Bright Mind: A Neuroscientist's Personal Stories of Unique Thinking.

Tetreault weaves together learnings from complex research studies, personal stories, and her lab work to deliver an expansive view of giftedness and twice-exceptionality. The book is suitable for all readers — regardless of background — interested in a deeper understanding of giftedness and 2e. She introduces the concept of neuroindividuality and the importance of understanding that no two brains are alike.

Tetreault paints a vivid image in the reader's mind of each brain being as unique as a fingerprint. She later leverages this image to foster acceptance and understanding of all neuroindividualities. She gracefully stomps on misconceptions such as gendered brains precluding girls from advanced mathematics, rebellious behavior indicating a failing child rather than intellectual boredom, and sensory sensitivities requiring repeated exposure rather than avoidance of the associated traumatic experie...


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