Seney on Books: Addressing Diversity Through Literature

In February, I will be presenting a session at the University of Denver’s Morgridge College of Education’s Gifted Conference. My topic is “Exploring Diversity through Books.” As I was trying to select a book to review for this issue, my mind kept returning to the books I’ll be sharing at the conference. We’re all aware that diversity in our classrooms is now the norm, not the exception. Our own 2e students are part of this diversity. Therefore, some questions we must address are these:

How do we build empathy and understanding in a world in which diversity is now the norm?
How do we help our learners walk in someone else’s shoes?
How do we help our students learn about the cultures/situations of classmates who are not like them?


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About Bob Seney

Professor Emeritus Bob Seney is retired from teaching in the Masters of Gifted Studies Program at Mississippi University for Women. He has been 2e Newsletter's children's book columnist since 2007. Reach him at [email protected]