Seney on Books: Bibliotherapy at Work

Finding one’s self in a novel is one of the joys of reading. It’s a primary reason why many of us keep coming back to literature. It is also one of the basic components of bibliotherapy — step two of the process, in fact.

Goals of Bibliotherapy:

1) Identification: The reader recognizes the novel’s conflict as a real situation
2) Catharsis: The reader recognizes that he/she shares the problem
3) Insight: The reader identifies possible solutions
4) Application: The reader applies the insights to his/her own life.

Not every book reviewed here deals specifically with twice-exceptional issues, but it is a priority for me when selecting books to critique. So it is a particular delight when I find a book that is exceptionally well writ...


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About Bob Seney

Professor Emeritus Bob Seney is retired from teaching in the Masters of Gifted Studies Program at Mississippi University for Women. He has been 2e Newsletter's children's book columnist since 2007. Reach him at [email protected]