Seney on Books: Effective Uses with 2e Students

With the beginning of a new chapter in the life of 2e News, formerly the 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter, it might be a good idea to remind readers of the focus of this column. I search for quality literature with appropriate challenge and content that addresses issues of 2e students. Most, but not all, of the books that will be reviewed here will address various issues of twice-exceptionality. I am convinced that when 2e students read about characters who share the same learning and social-emotional issues, they become better equipped to deal with those issues. This is an informal use of bibliotherapy. A description of this approach and a summary of my “philosophy” on reading can be found in Bob Seney on Books (2017), a collection of ...


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About Bob Seney

Professor Emeritus Bob Seney is retired from teaching in the Masters of Gifted Studies Program at Mississippi University for Women. He has been 2e Newsletter's children's book columnist since 2007. Reach him at [email protected]