Starting with Strengths Part 2

The Debate group discusses Core Values.

Every year, Bridges Academy, the internationally recognized flagship school for twice-exceptional education, begins the year with a Starting with Strengths program.Over the last ten years the program has been reinvented several times.

This year, spanning about an hour and a half, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons, with a culminating presentation on Friday after lunch, the program has two goals.

Gwen's design for an interactive sculpture.



The first, covered in this space last week (jump to article here), is to better understand who we are as students and teachers. Discussion groups are guided by tools such as the Quick Personality Indicator (developed by Susan Baum and H.J. Nichols) and My Learning Print (developed by Robin M. Schader, Joseph S. Renzulli, and Wenying Zhou).

The second part of the week entails the students selecting their areas of strength (music, art, robotics, drama, writing, film-making, science, history, etc), forming their strength-based groups, and applying their skills and interests towards a better understanding and expression of the key shared values of Empathy, Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity.

The Musicians rapped and rocked the values.

The Friday culmination gave each group a chance to present their work to the student body and faculty. Each group used appropriate media such as a music video, a slide show, short films, and posters. All finished within the few days allotted.

The object ...


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