C for Curiosity

Are you a parent of a curious child? A partner for exploration and investigation into the many wonderings of a seeking mind? In her new book, C for Curiosity, Dr. Lin Lim invites readers to gaze outward, upward, under, and within on a photo journey of discovery with her young, twice-exceptional son, Christian.

A leader in the field of 2e education, Lim has studied the mind and the brain for many years at Boston University and Johns Hopkins. She is currently the Dean of Students at the Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity.

Lim’s intimate family photos remind us that our communities are rich with diverse viewpoints and unique experiences. I was touched by the quiet vulnerability of this story, as well as delighted by the memories it inspired of my own sons and the journeys we took into the greater world. As the still-life movie unfurled of Lim’s son exploring insects in a garden or dioramas in a museum or edible art or the view through the camera’s lens, I wondered how my sons remembered the times we found the washed ashore fish with turquoise eyes, the galactic moon snail, and the prehistoric-looking evergreen trails of the Pacific Northwest? What were they thinking in those moments, and what do they think about them now?

Lyrical and simply written, Lim inspires readers to reflect on paths of discovery and to follow a child’s lead. Because of his curiosity, Christian is like my child. He is like your child, like all of us once were, and will likely be again after reading this book. Yet, there are more layers to this story, because Christian is a gifted, Autistic, Asian-American boy. It is in this knowledge that readers deepen their understanding of curiosity as an entry point to engage with exceptional ...


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