Is your child a vibrant ray of sunshine in your world, radiating unique interests, creativity, and curiosity at home, but seems to be dimmed by the demands of school and other “social norms?” Are you and your kiddos wondering, “What am I doing wrong?”

Let’s be clear, there is nothing wrong with you or your child! The problem is that your kiddo may be out of alignment with their strengths and the tasks they’re asked to do. Like superheroes, your child might have incredible superpowers. But, with great superpowers comes great superstruggles.

Every costumed crusader in the DC or Marvel Cinematic Universe has their weaknesses. It’s part of who they are, but not all of who they are. Obviously. Imagine if their whole story was about these heroes attempting to fix their struggles.

For example, picture a world in which Superman never stops runaway trains, never stands up to Lex Luthor, never does anything super because his whole life is centered around getting over his severe “kryptonite allergy.” Or if Spiderman only focused on his social awkwardness.

Superman is SUPER because of his strengths and because he challenges his weaknesses, too. We all have brains that are great at some things and struggle with others. The sad truth is that many people, especially neurodivergent people, spend their whole lives in their struggle areas, trying to fix themselves and never realize that they can also fly faster than a speeding locomotive and leap tall buildings at a single bound.

Society tells us that we must all do similar things to a similar level—and it can feel awful when we struggle with some of those things. Especially when it’s not our fault. To break that self-defeating cycle, we have to help children go from focusi...


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About Sam Young

Sam Young, M.Ed., is the founder and director of Young Scholars Academy which is a strength-based, talent-focused virtual enrichment school that supports twice-exceptional, differently-wired, and gifted students to feel seen, nurtured, and happy as heck through strength-based courses, camps, and community! Sam is a two-time Fulbright Scholar, a TEDx speaker, a Keynote speaker, a former Bridges Academy educator of nearly 10 years, and a Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity graduate. Additionally, Sam is a neurodivergent person himself who has committed his life to supporting differently-wired students to overcome the harmful deficit-based system and discover, develop, and lead their lives with their strengths, talents, and unique interests!