Book Power

On the next Crucial Conversations about Cognitive Diversity, Maria Kennedy will interview the powerhouse trio of Lin Lim-Goh, Adam Laningham, and Gayle Bentley. The webcast will be available starting at I pm (PST) on Wednesday, March 20th. You can register in advance for it here or find it on the website here.

Lin is a Dean at Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education, has a PhD in Psychology from Boston University, and is the author of several books including C for Curiosity, Using Picture Books to Help Little Ones Learn About Themselves (with Gayle Bentley) and What Our Teachers & Schools Need to Know: Gifted & Struggling Twice-Exceptional Children, What Educators Need to Know: Twice-Exceptional Children: From Struggling to Thriving, and What Our Parents Need to Know: Gifted & Struggling Twice-Exceptional Children, along with An Animal School: A Tale of Gifts (with Adam Laningham).

In a conversation particularly geared for parents of young children (0-8), they will discuss the research-based academic, social, and emotional benefits of reading with young children. Beyond the bonding of the experience that comes from reading with a child, and in addition to the joys of good stories, books provide an effective way for difficult topics to be explored in ways a young child can begin to grasp.

“Careful intentional use of picture books” says Lin, “can be a powerful tool to build positive relationships and springboard to safely discuss difficult topics with young children.” This is particularly true of gifted and 2e individuals. “It’s easier to take a proactive approach in addressing things like worry, perfectionism, and accepting differences when children are young instead of waiting unt...


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