Crucial College

One of the most asked questions by parents of 2e kids is about college. If their students are fortunate to have supports and accommodations through high school, what can they expect in higher education? Are colleges equipped for the needs of the twice exceptional? Are some colleges better than others when it comes to providing the guidance and the help 2e kids need to adjust to the bigger world of a university, and to prepare them for the bigger world of the world?

Elizabeth C. Hamblet, a college learning disability specialist, is just the person to go to with these concerns. On Wednesday, December 14, Hamblet will be a guest on the acclaimed podcast, Crucial Conversations About Cognitive Diversity. Please tune in live via or find it on You Tube. Crucial Conversation is hosted by Maria Kennedy, a featured speaker, author, and advocate for 2e education for over thirty years. Every month Maria conducts in depth discussions with leaders and innovators in the field such as Julie Skolnick, Debbie Reber, Marc Smolowitz, Scott Barry Kaufman, Carl Sabatino, and among many others. All the episodes are free and absolutely vital to listen to for anyone with any investment or interest in 2e education.

More information can be found on Hamblet and her books at her website, On the podcast, she will be answering questions such as: What are some of the changes students can expect to see at college? What kinds of skills will students need for college success? What might surprise students with disabilities at college? What might surprise parents of students with disabilities about the supports at college?

Hamblet’s latest book, Seven Steps to College Success: A Pat...


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