Crucial Curiosity

On the next Crucial Conversations About Cognitive Diversity webcast, Maria Kennedy will be talking to Dr. Lin Lim about “Overcoming Underachievement, What You Need to Know: Academic and Personal Narratives.” Lin Lim is the Dean of Students at Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education. The current president of SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted), Lim has a doctorate in human development psychology from Boston University. Her special interest is in applying positive strength-based systems to cultural, immigration, intergenerational, and socio-economic considerations. She has documented her son’s twice-exceptional journey in the recently published children book, C is for Curiosity.

Your book, C for Curiosity, is written so that parents can read it to their children, but the message is quite powerful.

The few words on each page were chosen to create rhythm and wordplay to open the discussion on how words can be experienced, felt, and understood differently. Words are often insufficient to describe how we process and experience our world. This book serves the purpose of creating open-ended opportunities to share around what we see, experience, and interpret of the world as presented on each page.

How did your background in human development psychology impact your writing process for this book?

I am interested in how we change over time through our biological, psychological, and experiential interactions between our inner and outer worlds. This book shares a personal journey and invites readers to be free to interact with our story over time and marvel at our natural human variability. Writing the book pushed me to ponder the wide range of how we are similar and different all at onc...


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