Julie Skolnick Returns

In a special return visit to Crucial Conversations About Cognitive Diversity, Julie Skolnick will sign books and chat in-person with Maria Kennedy on March 1, at 3 p.m. (EST). Link to register.

Host of Let’s Talk 2e! Parent Empowerment Groups, the founder of With Understanding Comes Calm, organizer of many virtual conferences, Julie’s essential book on 2e, Gifted and Distractible: Understanding, Supporting, and Advocating for Your Twice Exceptional Child, was published last October. You can order your copy of this book on Julie’s website.

Money Quote from Julie: “My mission is to empower parents, teachers, and clinicians to bring out and raise self-esteem in their children—and themselves. That self-esteem piece is number one, two, and three. Without it, you have to dig out of a hole just to get to the surface.”

If you’re in the vicinity of Studio City about 3 p.m. on Friday, March 1, drop into Bridges Academy to participate in the conversation and to get a book signed by the author.

Excerpt from Gifted & Distractible:

“Gifted and twice exceptional people often suffer at one time or an-other from their own self-doubt, which is exacerbated by the reactions of those around them. Sparks of personal confusion are frequently blown into full-fledged fires by the harsh winds of misunderstanding. This negative self-concept manifests in challenging behaviors and self-fulfilling prophecies as children struggle to come to terms with who they are and how they are seen by others. Often seeds of what is known as ‘gifted underachievement’ are planted from reinforced self-doubt. Twice exceptional kids’ ‘failure to launch’ often stems from disabilities misconstrued as laziness. Gifted/2e kids sometimes avoid academic ri...


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