Julie Skolnick

“My mission,” says Julie Skolnick, with a broad and engaging smile, “is to empower parents, teachers, and clinicians to bring out and raise self-esteem in their children—and themselves. That self-esteem piece is number one, two, and three. Without it, you have to dig out of a hole just to get to the surface.”

Julie Skolnick is Maria Kennedy’s guest for the October edition of Crucial Conversations about Cognitive Diversity. The webcast begins on October 18. Click here to register.

Julie is a tireless advocate for twice-exceptional kids and adults, and now the author of a new book, Gifted and Distractible, published by Penguin Random House. The book is a font of wisdom and practical advice for parents, teachers, and everyone with a stake in neurodiverse kids. Learn more about Julie’s work here.

Julie wrote the book and started her website, With Understanding Comes Calm, “to help other people get right into the nitty gritty of what are the strategies, how do we talk about this, how do we advocate, how do we keep people focused on strengths.”

Gifted and Distractible comes with a lot of worksheets, testimonies from students, parents, counselors, and educators, and very practical strategies that are easy to understand and follow through within the realism of family life. It delves into the different types of giftedness and learning challenges, describes effective executive function techniques, and provides the critical emotional support everyone on the spectrum and beyond needs to succeed in this world.

The following is a brief excerpt from this remarkable book:
The more 2e kids are asked to set aside their ideals, the less compliance we see. Asking them to do something that is an affront to their natural appro...


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