Loretta Lee’s Recipe for a Good Life

Loretta Lee serves up some of her Malaysian Christmas pies.

Starting on Wednesday, December 13, Loretta Lee will be interviewed by Maria Kennedy on the webcast devoted to furthering understanding in the 2e community, Crucial Conversations about Cognitive Diversity.

Migrating from Penang, Malaysia to the United Kingdom, Lee is a mother of two daughters, one of whom has learning challenges. Lee worked as an entrepreneur and business consultant before developing a personal development company centered in Leicestershire, England.

Her life-coaching consultancy has enabled a wide variety of clients, including parents, to “live the life they truly love.” Her mission is to help others gain confidence while fulfilling their highest aspirations.

As an immigrant with a child who had special needs, Lee had to navigate through many hurdles. “I had to deal with the school, special education, and social services, and it was all new to me.”

She discovered one way to keep sane was to blend her cultural recipes from the Malaysian Penang Nyonya food tradition into the English palette. She’s an award-winning chef, and among the most popular dishes she created and shared through her blog and into the community was a variation of the classic Cornish Christmas pie, stuffed with mushrooms, butternut squash, and other non-meat alternatives.

Recently, Lee told the local news outlet, The Leicester Mercury, that her goals with cooking, as well as with everything she does, is “to be inclusive” and to be conscientious about our fragile environment. “I feel that the way we are consuming natural resources is not sustainable. I am concerned about the number of anim...


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