Twice-Exceptional Kids and the Fatigue Factor

Our son Alex, one of our three twice-exceptional teenagers and the only one who was able to officially graduate from high school (with ongoing support), would often spend his off days sleeping. Sometimes, he would be out for 12-14 hours at a time. One might think this pattern of behavior somewhat unusual, even for a teen boy. In fact, we received plenty of advice from family and friends as to how to address the “issue.” Indeed, with every visit, we were advised that this is not normal.

“Clearly there something was wrong with the boy,” they would postulate. “Shouldn’t you get that checked out?”

Despite the pressure, we didn’t — and quite frankly, I was tired of trying to explain that twice-exceptional children require a different set ...


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About Michael Postma

Dr. Michael Postma is the director of programming at SENG and the president of Gifted & Thriving, LLC. He also is the father of three twice-exceptional children. With more than 20 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, author, and consultant, Dr. Postma continues promote the social, emotional, and academic needs of the gifted/2e population. His latest book is "The Inconvenient Student: Critical Issues in the Identification and Education of Twice-Exceptional Students." He can be reached at [email protected]