When the World Is Too Much

Recently, we sent out survey questions to our readers about how parents deal with the anxiety many 2e kids feel these days. We’ll examine the results in the next issue of Variations2e magazine. But we thought to give you a preview now as the school year in most places begins again. We received dozens of responses from as far away as Norway, Australia, Canada, as well as all over the United States.

What Do Kids Worry About

According to our respondents, many kids, like most adults, worry about pandemics, the war in Ukraine, and climate change. More than many adults, kids are also almost constantly attached to social media where, their parents say, there is no escape from a barrage of information. This is on top of the blue-chip teen anxieties about bodily changes, peer pressure, their future, and the inability of adults to act as good stewards for the future.

Parents are concerned about communication with their children. Sometimes, students will talk openly about what’s on their minds, but, as most parents know, many times they don’t. Anxiety, parents report, might present itself as depression or detachment from school and family life. Some teenagers might have trouble sleeping or might act out in reckless behavior.

“My kids have layers of anxieties that have built upon each other over the years."

One parent from Virginia wrote, “My kids have layers of anxieties that have built upon each other over the years. In addition to normal adolescent struggles, my kids have manifested school phobia, lack of motivation, and difficulty planning for the future. Some of this seems to be in response to their profo...


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