Taming the ‘Tiger Mom’ Stereotype

This series on ethnicity and 2e takes a closer look at how twice-exceptionality intersects with ethnic stereotypes, often adding another layer of “difference” to students.

What does it mean to be an Asian American? Asia, with 17 million square miles, includes over four billion people in 48 countries, speaking more than 2,300 languages. In other words, there is plenty of diversity.

Perhaps the biggest thing Asian Americans have in common with one another is mainstream American prejudices about who they are.

In a recent University of Iowa study, “Nothing Fits Exactly: Experiences of Asian American Parents of Twice-Exceptional Children,” Soeun Park found that societal expectations, sometimes influenced by stereotypes, “may complic...


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About Stuart Matranga

Stuart Matranga is an author and journalist who has written for Rolling Stone, Maxim, and other magazines. As a teacher, he specializes in students who are reluctant readers. Stuart has extensive experience teaching and working with twice-exceptional students.