Spring Break Special: HENRY WINKLER

Henry Winkler recently visited the Bridges Academy Studio City campus to talk about his New York Times bestselling autobiography, Being Henry.  Like many 2e kids, he struggled with dyslexia. He also inspired many of his fans—not just the adults who know him for Fonzie on Happy Days or as his Emmy Award winning Gene Cousineau on Barry, as well as many other movie and TV roles—but kids who know him as the author of the popular books, Hank Zipper and Ghost Buddy. The following quote is from an interview done a few years ago by 2e News editor, Stuart Matranga:

  “When I was a kid, I was unheard. That’s why working with children for me is not just altruistic. The children of this country are suffering from a lack of self-image and a lack of hope for the future. They feel stuck. They are battered physically and spiritually. The violence on TV and in their video games is craved because it’s a psychological reflection of their inner lives. They feel abandoned. Adults have lost that deep enjoyment you get raising a child. What we need most to care more.”




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