Variations²ᵉ Winter 2022 Issue: Works in Progress

Variations2e Magazine Issue 7 CoverWe here at 2e News are thrilled to present our latest edition of Variations2e magazine. The winter 2022 issue features writing and art created by 2e learners, spotlighting the skill, promise, ambition, and creativity of this population of students.

The submissions we received make up a rich panoply of works — poems, essays, short stories, drawings, and paintings — some poignant, some thought-provoking, and some sharp and subtle critiques lying beneath otherwise quirky prose experiments.

As a body of work, the collected pieces show the inner workings of young minds striving for a sense of self and coming into their own as thinkers and meaning makers. While some works were selected for their quality and craftsmanship, others were chosen because they seemed to reveal the complexity of the twice-exceptional mind, so original and outside-the-box to be extraordinary in their own right.

The authors and artists range from fifth-grade students to young professionals. 

This issue (No. 7, Winter 2022) now is available for purchase in print format (a pdf version will be available in the near future). The print issue is $12 (including free shipping within U.S., Canada & Mexico). 



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