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The 2e-Friendly Environment
The 2e-Friendly Environment

Looking to properly support twice-exceptional learners in the classroom? Start with these five prerequisites.


Variations 2e

Variations²ᵉ: Purchase the Summer 2021 Issue — The Complexity of Cultures in 2e Education

The Summer 2021 issue of Variations²ᵉ examines the relationships amongst culture, ethnicity, and twice-exceptionality — known to many as 3e.
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Teaching Twice-Exceptional Learners book cover

Teaching Twice-Exceptional Learners in Today’s Classroom

Opportunities provided for gifted learners should also be made accessible to 2e students. A holistic perspective is critical.
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Child wearing headphones

Impact of Support Services on Autistic 2e Students’ Academics

Which supports, if any, are most beneficial to twice-exceptional students with autism? The results aren't clear.
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