Dear readers,

Welcome to, the next generation of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter, which publishers Mark Bade and Linda Neumann started 15 years ago. This month also marks the launch of our print magazine, Variations2e — “Not All Great Minds Think Alike.” Our first issue, “Discovering 2e Everywhere,” features stories about 2e education from writers across the globe. Subscribers will receive their copy of the magazine this month. If you are not currently a subscriber, head to to purchase a subscription.

We are thrilled to continue to bring you articles from the distinguished authors you’ve grown accustomed to reading in the 2e Newsletter while also working new voices into the conversation. In this our first month online, we feature articles from longtime 2e Newsletter writers Deirdre Lovecky, Bob Seney, and Sylvia Rimm. The site will be updated with new content weekly, with email updates going out to subscribers each month.

We at Variations2e and are grateful for this opportunity to continue Mark and Linda’s important work, carrying on a publication that means so much to the 2e community. We also are ever grateful to you, our readers and subscribers, for continuing to engage with us and one another to further the cause of 2e education.



Chris Wiebe

Managing Editor