The 2019 calendar year marked our first full year publishing in its current iteration, picking up on the wonderful work Mark Bade and Linda Neumann did with the 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter. And as the year draws to a close, we thought we’d look back at the pieces that resonated the most with our readers.

Most popular pieces of 2019 — written content

Teen girl asleep on ground

Twice-Exceptional Kids and the Fatigue Factor

/ Health & Wellness, Home & Family
Parents and educators should remain aware that school, social, and home responsibilities can be exhausting for 2e kids.
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Female student with books

Could Your Child Be Twice-Exceptional?

/ Resources
Twice-exceptional learners are complex and fascinating. They have enormous potential, but it may be hidden from view.
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Boy hiding

Seeking Inclusion for Your Twice-Exceptional Child

How can you help your child navigate the social climate, find like-minded peers, and remain true to himself?
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Girl at chalkboard

Neuroscience of Asynchronous Development in Bright Minds

/ Child Development
Why do twice-exceptional kids do what they do? Brain development plays a role.
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Girl yelling at mother on couch

Understanding the 2e Brain: A Hopeful Start

/ Child Development, Research
Science is helping to explain why twice-exceptional children can have stronger emotional swings and reactions.
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Greta Thunberg

Thunberg Haters Off-Base in Criticism of ‘Mental Illness’

/ Advocacy & Policy
Teen environmental activist Greta Thunberg is on the autism spectrum. That does not mean she is mentally ill.
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Most popular pieces of 2019 — audio & video content

Stressed woman

Jen Merrill on 2e Parenting: Take Care of Yourselves

/ Health & Wellness, Home & Family
Author and advocate Jen Merrill has critical advice for fellow parents of twice-exceptional kids.
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Young woman facing building

Timeout for 2e: Social/Emotional Development of 2e Kids

The grade school and high school experiences of twice-exceptional learners typically are filled with difficult challenges.
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Scott Barry Kaufman

Kaufman: Anyone with Heart Can Appreciate 2e Kids

/ Advocacy & Policy
Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman talks to 2e News about helping doubters of neurodiversity understand twice-exceptionality.
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