2e News: Our Most Popular Stories of 2020

As the year draws to a close, we thought we’d look back at the pieces that resonated the most with our readers. Here is a collection of our ten most popular articles and videos of 2020, listed in chronological order.

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Dr. Sally Reis

2e Hall of Famers: Sally Reis on the Ideal Teacher

We chat with 2e Center Hall of Fame inductee Sally Reis about the characteristics of a good teacher of twice-exceptional kids.
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student writing/taking test

Processing Speed and the Gifted/Twice-Exceptional Child

We need to reframe our understanding of processing speed — and adjust how we assess gifted and 2e children and how we measure their intellectual potential.
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Variations Magazine Spring 2020

Variations 2e Magazine: Summer 2020 Edition

Around the globe, more and more teachers, advocates, and professionals are fighting to provide twice-exceptional students the support they need.
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Common Executive Functioning Deficits in 2e Kids

Struggles with task initiation, often unfairly described as procrastination or laziness, can be very problematic for twice-exceptional students.
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Students in classroom

Non-Negotiables in 2e-Friendly Environments

For any pedagogy or classroom setting to properly support twice-exceptional learners, it must successfully address these five prerequisites.
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Child with teacher online

Can Educational Therapy Help Your 2e Child?

Educational therapy is a one-on-one, intensive, individualized intervention designed to remediate learning challenges and build resilience.
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Students looking through goggles

Recognizing and Meeting the Needs of 2e Students

Dr. Danika Maddocks's research offers critical recommendations for parents and educators who are supporting twice-exceptional kids.
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Young girl

2e or Not 2e: Differences in Executive Function Deficits

Executive function deficits can manifest differently in twice-exceptional students as compared to their neurotypical peers.
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Bridges Academy

Bridges Academy Launching Online High School Aimed at Supporting 2e Families Across the Country

Bridges Academy, which specializes in twice-exceptional education, will begin its new online high school program in fall 2021.
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People to Watch in 2e

Movers and Shakers in 2e Education

These individuals have been making significant differences in the lives and education of twice-exceptional learners.
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