2e News: Our Most Popular Stories of 2021

As the year draws to a close, we thought we’d look back at the pieces that resonated the most with our readers. Here is a collection of our twelve most popular articles of 2021, listed in chronological order.

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Effective Accommodations for Twice-Exceptional Learners

Buy-in, psychological comfort, and inclusion in the process are keys to implementing effective accommodations for 2e learners.
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Access to Gifted Programming for 2e Students

Research findings can inform parents how to become effective advocates for their twice-exceptional learner.
/ Research
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Gifted Underachievers with Undiagnosed ADHD

Some gifted students are clearly bright but don’t do well in school. What keeps them from performing in line with their apparent potential?
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Four Barriers That Impact 2e Students

Parents and teachers of twice-exceptional students understand that asynchronous development is the rule, not the exception.
/ Advocacy & Policy

‘Twice-Exceptional’ and the Importance of Words

Is the term "twice-exceptional" adequate in terms of effectively describing the population of 2e learners?
2e Neuroscience summit

Summit Explores Neuroscience of Twice-Exceptionality

Is twice-exceptionality inheritable? The Belin-Blank Center and Iowa Neuroscience Institute's summit addressed this and more.
/ Voices
Elinor Shapiro and her art

Social Impact of a Diagnosis: A 2e Learner’s Perspective

Students might fear the stigma a diagnosis could bring, but the understanding that follows can be more than worth it.
/ Research
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Impact of Support Services on Autistic 2e Students’ Academics

Which supports, if any, are most beneficial to twice-exceptional students with autism? The results aren't clear.
Teaching Twice-Exceptional Learners book cover

Teaching Twice-Exceptional Learners in Today’s Classroom

Opportunities provided for gifted learners should also be made accessible to 2e students. A holistic perspective is critical.
Anxious female

Autism, High IQ & the Glorification of Suffering

Being gifted opened a lot of doors for this woman with autism, but she says not all of them were ones she should have walked through.
/ Advocacy & Policy, Home & Family, Voices
Confetti film still

Film Captures Parent’s Determination to Support 2e Daughter

The film Confetti provides a relatable, enjoyable window into the lives of a mother and her twice-exceptional child who has dyslexia.
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