2e News: Our Most Popular Stories of 2022

As the year draws to a close, we thought we'd look back at the pieces that resonated the most with our readers. Here is a collection of our most popular articles of 2022, listed in chronological order.

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Student robotics team

Accidental Success: Discovering 2e in My Classroom

With a lack of 2e knowledge, many teacher education programs do a huge disservice to teachers they train and the students they serve.
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high school students

Twice-Exceptional Kids: Lead with Their Strengths

When students spend the day struggling with lagging skills and little time developing interests, they may become disheartened.
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bored child

Your Child Isn’t Lazy and Neither Are You

A gifted child who seems “lazy” or careless about their work may actually be twice-exceptional with ADHD, a learning disability, or autism.
Parent and child homework

Book Excerpt: Raising Twice-Exceptional Children

The book aims to provide readers a "road map to understand the complex make-up of their gifted-plus, or twice-exceptional, child or teen."
Elinor Shapiro, Math Class

How My Math Teacher Taught Me Everything Except Math

A former 2e student adds up her experiences in math class, subtracts the math, and finds a more valuable lesson leftover.
Mentoring enriches students experiences

Mentoring 2e Students

The right mentor can play an inspiring role in any child's talent development, especially given the unique needs of 2e students.
Bridges Grad School hooding ceremony

Bridges Grad School Awards First Doctoral Degrees

The Bridges Graduate School last weekend issued ten doctor of education degrees to members of its first doctoral cohort.
Rethinking 2e

Rethinking Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

A 2e student discusses the preconceptions of twice exceptionality and how learning deficits can also be learning talents.
Dr. Yong Zhao

Yong Zhao Interview

An interview with Dr. Yong Zhao on creating personalized learning pathways for all students and how those apply to neurodiverse learners.
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Neurodiverse Interns

Internships for Neurodivergent Teens

A neurodivergent teenager describes her experience in getting an internship and provides advice for others seeking workplace opportunities.


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