Access to Gifted Programming for 2e Students

The growth of awareness around twice-exceptional education has coincided with and resulted from additional and ongoing research into the topic. Some findings of this research are included here.

Interactions between giftedness and disabilities require twice-exceptional (2e) students to have access to both gifted programming and special education (SPED) resources in order to be successful in school (Baum, Schader & Owen, 2017; Nielsen & Higgins, 2015). 2e students are increasingly recognized by educators, researchers (Baldwin, et al., 2015; Maddocks, 2018; Maker, 2005; Nicpon, et al., 2011; Nielsen, 2002), and parents (Dare & Nowicki, 2015).

However, 2e students still have a hard time accessing both gifted and SPED education...


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About Lin Lim-Goh

Lin Lim, Ph.D. is a founding board member of the Texas non-profit Gifted Education Family Network, and currently serves on the national non-profit board of Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG). She has a doctorate in human development from the psychology department at Boston University. In recent years, she has become very interested in the ecology of gifted and twice-exceptional parenting, and talent development. She has completed a Graduate Academic Certificate in twice-exceptional education from Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive diversity in Education in 2020, and will complete a Graduate Academic Certificate in Mind, Brain and Teaching from Johns Hopkins Graduate School of Education in May 2021.