Live Coverage: Educating with Empathy conference

Learning and the Brain Learning and the Brain’s Educating with Empathy conference takes place Feb. 15-17 in San Francisco.’s Chris Wiebe will be  at the conference and live-tweeting highlights throughout the event.

“This conference will explore the ‘Science of Human Goodness’ and how empathy, compassion, and kindness
are hardwired in the brain and are essential for human survival,” according to conference organizers. Attendees will “learn how to cultivate empathy and compassion in (their) students; discover how to reduce bullying and suspensions; and examine new ways to strengthen compassion, cooperation, collaboration, and achievement in children and teens.”

Among the featured speakers are James Doty, Dacher Keltner, Paul Bloom, Michele Borba, John Medina, Kelly McGonigal, Shauna Shapiro, Katherine Reynolds Lewis, and Jamil Zaki.

Follow along with our Twitter coverage of the conference here:

Live Coverage: Educating with Empathy conference:
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