Online Resources Abundant in Realm of 2e Education

A new age of video learning, long promised, has now taken hold after a year of living in a pandemic. That’s a good thing, especially for 2e kids, who tend to respond positively to electronic media, and more so for their parents and stakeholders.

As Julie Skolnick, host of the popular Let’s Talk 2e conference, says, “the pandemic has confirmed for us that people love that conferences remain on-demand ... forever.” Parents and professionals have become comfortable with online venues in order to find resources, become better informed, and connect with others in support groups. Video conferences, meetings, podcasts, and vlogs are increasing in popularity because, as Debbie Steinberg-Kuntz, the host of Bright & Quirky, notes, the online r...


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About Stuart Matranga

Stuart Matranga is an author and journalist who has written for Rolling Stone, Maxim, and other magazines. As a teacher, he specializes in students who are reluctant readers. Stuart has extensive experience teaching and working with twice-exceptional students.