Symptoms and Uncertainty: Is It NVLD?

When a bright child struggles in school, parents often sense that there’s something holding their child back, but they don’t know what it is. In search of an explanation, they might turn to education and mental health professionals to assess the situation and diagnose the problem. But finding a diagnosis that accurately captures a child’s capabilities and challenges is not always a simple or straightforward process.

Following is a fictionalized account of one family’s search for answers and guidance, an account that reflects the experiences of many parents of twice-exceptional children. In it, you’ll also see how the parents’ quest can become even more complicated when a diagnosis or label suggested by one clinician might not be widely k...


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About Linda C Neumann

Linda C. Neumann is the former editor of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter, the co-publisher of the Spotlight on 2e Series of booklets on twice-exceptionality, and the co-curator of The 2e Resource website (