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In this space the 2eNews.com crew will share links to pieces from other publications that our readers may find to be of interest.

•What’s it like for a nonspeaking student with autism at Cal-Berkeley? The Daily Californian explores the issue.

•The president of SUNY Buffalo State calls for colleges to empower students with learning disabilities. Read the Buffalo News piece.

•Is the stigma around accommodations preventing student athletes from receiving support? The Tulane Hullabaloo examines.

•This parent of a child with autism explains why she doesn’t treat all of her kids equally. Read the Scary Mommy story.

•ADHD experts still can struggle with ADHD. One such person shares her story with ADDitude. Also from ADDitude: “The Magical Thinking of ADHD Brains — and How it Drives Our Kids’ Lies“& “5 Things Every Doctor (and Parent) Should Know about Girls and ADD.”

•How should parents with ADHD talk to their kids who also have ADHD? Dr. Erina White shares her thoughts with ADDitude.

•TiLT Parenting’s Deborah Reber chats with Dr. Manju Banerjee of Landmark College, which is designed exclusively for neurodivergent students. Listen to the podcast.

•Why are neuromyths so pervasive? Devon MacEachron explores the issue. She also shares her thoughts on creating a rewarding summer for your child.

•The FDA has approved the first device designed to treat ADHD. Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities has the story.

•A poor diet does not increase a child’s risk of having ADD or ADHD, a Journal of Nutrition study finds. ADDitude looks at the results.

•Why is social-emotional learning suddenly in the spotlight? EdSurge explores the question.

•How did a cat stealing salmon create a learning moment for a mother of a 2e kid? Read the TECA piece.

•What do parents of 2e kids say they need? Laughing at Chaos tries to figure that out.

•How are schools struggling to support 2e kids? Chalkbeat and the Hechinger Report explore.

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What We're Reading:
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