Addressing the Needs of 2e Students in the Regular Classroom

This article focuses on addressing the needs of twice-exceptional students in a regular classroom, confronting three primary questions: why is it so difficult to identify that a student may be twice-exceptional? If being twice-exceptional means that there is a clash between one’s natural ability and one’s natural inabilities, how does that clash affect the student's development? What can you do to address the educational needs of a twice-exceptional student, bearing in mind that there are limitations to what a teacher can do without having additional support in his or her classroom? This piece is taken from a longer scholarly work on the topic. For a complete text, visit

What can one d...


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About Eleonoor van Gerven

Eleonoor van Gerven is the managing director of Slim! Educatief, a Dutch private teacher education institute at the postgraduate level. She specializes in teacher education courses in the field of educating able learners in an inclusive environment. She has published more than 15 books about educating able learners and developed a digital toolkit for teachers, which is currently in use in more than 30 percent of Dutch schools.