And When We See Through the Eyes of 2e, Do We Pay Attention?

Through their creative work, individuals can give us insight into their inner world — from their emotions and dreams to their pain and despair. Such a piece of creative writing came to our attention through the mother of Brett, a twice-exceptional young man. She is an educator who read it at a session at the National Association for Gifted Children convention last year. The goal of the session was to help teachers provide an environment in which their 2e students could be successful.
The Letter
The creative writing class assignment came early in Brett’s senior year of high school:

Assignment: As a means of introducing yourself, write me a letter. The letter needs to focus on your experiences as a writer, as well as goals, both personal and academic, for your senior year.

Guidelines: At least four paragraphs in length. Focus on tone and voice. (Hint: Your personality should be apparent.) Support all general statements with specific, interesting examples. Worth 50 points.

Perhaps this assignment would give Brett the chance to show some creativity as well as to vent his frustrations. Once he had loved school, but that time was long gone. For a while, he’d been clever enough to skate by in his classes, but now things were different. Plus, being the “small, nerdy kid” in high school only brought him harassment and loneliness.

What poured from Brett’s mind and heart was the following letter.

Let’s get one thing out of the way, I’m lazy. Now I don’t see this as an insult like some others would, I just lack the motivation to reach the heights I could. I’m a cynic, I’m a skeptic, and lastly, I’m a lunatic. I’ve never been the over-achiever, or the A st...


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