Bridges Grad School Awards First Doctoral Degrees

Bridges Grad School hooding ceremonyNORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. — There is a new batch of doctorate recipients with expertise in twice-exceptional education.

The Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education last weekend issued ten Ed.D.s to members of its first doctoral cohort.

Established in 2017 “in response to a growing need for knowledge and expertise in human cognitive diversity and with the belief that education should be strength-based and talent-focused,” Bridges Graduate School offers post-graduate programs in cognitive diversity and a certificate program in twice-exceptional education.

“The cognitive diversity movement has taken a major step forward as ten new experts are ready to share their knowledge and skills to support 2e students,” said Dr. Susan Baum, Bridges Graduate School provost. “These new graduates hold a unique degree specialty in cognitive diversity and are poised to make a difference.”

The school’s graduation ceremony was held on Saturday, June 25, following a hooding ceremony the previous evening. Degree recipients include educators, educational therapists, administrators, and advocates. These first doctorates were awarded to: Marcy Dann, Graciela Livas Gutierrez, Cynthia Hansen, Kalvin Jordan, Brooks Lüscher, Rashmii Mahendra, Tabitha Molett, Jade Rivera, Mustapha Samad, and Lisa Zaretsky. Dissertation titles included:

  • A Case Study Of Parent Experiences And Reactions to the Assessment Process of Their 2e Children
  • Using Games to Explore Positive Self-Identity for Twice-Exceptional Learners
  • Shifting Paradigms: A Study Examining the Current Perspectives on Bright Students with Challenges and Their Need for a Strength-Based Approach in Kuwait Schools
  • Bringing It Forward: Identifying International Schools’ Needs to Effectively Support 2e Learners
  • Using Games to Explore Positive Self-Identity for Twice-Exceptional Learners
  • A Neurodivergent-Friendly, Strength-Based Approach to Corporate Hiring and Learning: Training Modules for Change
  • Do More of What Makes You Awesome: Micro-Schools for Twice-Exceptional Children
  • Psychoeducation and Experiential Learning Support Service (PELSS) Intervention For Couples Impacted By ADHD

Three master degrees also were awarded. The recipients were Sheryl Fox, Anahid Koumriqian, and Adrianne Meldrum.

“We unlock individual potential through cultivating knowledge of many worldviews and perspectives,” said Bridges Grad School Dean Henry Nicols, “as well as the skills, insights, and imagination required of scholars who will assume leadership roles as instructors, researchers, administrators, and policy makers.”

Editor’s note: The Bridges Graduate School is affiliated with the Bridges Education Group, of which is a part.

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