Bridges Grad School Confers First Master’s Cohort

STUDIO CITY, Calif. — The Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education (BGS) had its first graduation ceremony at Bridges Academy last week. Including students who earned certificates in 2e in 2020 but were not honored at the time due to the pandemic, a total of 41 students received a California State approved certificate in twice-exceptional education and 11 students received a Master of Education degree in Cognitive Diversity in Education. Many of the students received their certificates or degrees en route to pursuing a higher degree from BGS.

The Graduate School , which welcomed its first students in spring 2019, offers a certificate in twice exceptional education, a  Master of Education degree in cognitive diversity i...


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About Shane Brennan

Shane Brennan is a development associate and enrichment teacher for the Phoenix program at Bridges Academy. Shane has taught classes in entrepreneurship, comic books, video game character development, and journalism. Prior to Bridges, Shane wrote for a screenwriting trade publication and covered the Los Angeles Kings.