Disruption and Innovation: The Netflixification of 2e Education

OK, let’s just come right out and agree on something — last year threw us for a spin, which perhaps is the understatement of the decade. For me, last year as an educator was like trying to build a rocket ship and fly it at the same time. We blasted off, then built, then charted, then planned, and so on. It seemed like our main goal was to land somewhere, sometime, and not blow up.

A year later, we now have the time and space to both metacognitively and meta-effectively reflect on what happened last year. This is what good educators do, right? They reflect on their circumstances, choose what strategies should be used, and have a deep understanding of why they use said strategies. In this process, reflection and application are key. One quote that has been central to my reflection this past year is “with disruption, comes innovation.”

At the core of our reflection are two key questions:

To what extent is our educational system helping twice-exceptional children?
What innovations might better support them?

In answering these questions, we will examine how COVID has exponentially sped up acceptance of one of the greatest tools for supporting 2e learners: a la carte online learning.

This is key considering how tough, disruptive, draining, and horrible last year was. Some neurodiverse kiddos — especially those with autism spectrum disorder — struggled greatly with changes in routine. That was and is no doubt difficult. Remember, we were building that rocket whilst flying it. But that changing landscape shone a light on the challenges our 2e kids face.

To understand the need for change and a pathway toward that change, one can use Netflix as a framework. Within this context, our students are spending too ...


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About Sam Young

Sam Young is the founder of Young Scholars Academy, a virtual enrichment program for twice-exceptional students. Sam is a growth-minded, two-time Fulbright Scholar with a decade of educational leadership experience. As an ADHD learner, he has a tremendous understanding of, experience in, and respect for all things related to neurodiverse education. Sam has been featured in the documentary 2e2: Teaching The Twice Exceptional, the textbook Understanding The Social and Emotional Lives of Gifted Students, 2nd Ed., and Variations2e Magazine. Additionally, he has served as a Speech and Debate coach of twice-exceptional (2e) students, and he is currently working toward an EdD in Neurocognitive Diversity at the Bridges Graduate School. He has taught in a variety of capacities—including 8 years at Bridges Academy—at an array of programs in the US, Europe, and Asia.