Help 2e Students Finish What They Start

I have worked with twice-exceptional (2e) populations for over 10 years as a learning coach. I am also a 2e adult, which helps me relate to my students. One of the things I have noticed about them, particularly those who have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), is that they tend to do really well on the first half of a project, but then fall apart or lose interest during the second half. By project, I mean a complex, multi-part, time-intensive engagement such as writing a research paper, designing a video game, or making an architectural model. These kinds of assignments require multiple steps, long-term planning, and shifts back and forth between the big picture and the small details — all of which can be d...


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About Ari Kalinowski

Ari Kalinowski is the founder of Unconventional Minds, which tutors students who are gifted and learning disabled. He has an MFA from Brown University. Go to for more information.