How Do You Effectively Differentiate Curriculum for 2e Learners?

Ryan Penessi Photography

How to differentiate for twice-exceptional students? There are a number of answers to this question, but one’s first response is likely it depends.

More specifically, it depends which 2e student you are working with. So rather than considering specific strategies, consider your entire mindset about differentiation: How are you differentiating instruction for your 2e students? Do you feel that differentiation is for strengths or weaknesses? Do you differentiate “up” or “down?” Ideally, 2e educators should differentiate both “directions,” what we call dual differentiation. This is not a simple task. In order to explore this complexity, naturalist that I am, I often like to reflect on the peregrine falcon.



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About Max Melby

Max Melby has been immersed in the world twice-exceptional education since 2014, when he joined the team at Arete Academy —- a school serving 2e students in St. Louis Park, MN. As a program director and upper school science teacher, Max actively pursues the continued development of effective instructional strategies for 2e learners. Max has been so happy to find his place in the 2e world, where none of the answers are all that straightforward but nearly all of the questions are amazing.