How ‘Hackschooling’ Can Help Your 2e Child

Durango's Georgia Witchel on route in #UIAA World Cup qualifier.
— Adventure Pro (@AdventureProMag) December 14, 2016

When I was in the third grade my parents were worried. Unlike my normally progressing peers, I was still spelling two out of every three words I wrote incorrectly, happier looking at the pictures of comics than even trying to read the simplest of children's books. Like many parents at the time, mine opted to have me tested for learning disabilities. After spending a week in the cramped office of an education specialist, I was told I had a genius-level IQ, so school must be pretty easy for me, and I was promptly spit back into a mainstream class with a sheet of paper telling me everythin...


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About Georgia Witchel

Georgia Witchel currently lives Durango, Colorado, but attends an international boarding school for climbers and is currently staying with them in Spain. She’s attended over six types of schools in her life, and although she struggled with severe dysgraphia as a child, she now enjoys freelance writing in her spare time. Whens she’s not busy getting into trouble, she enjoys all types of winter sports and general adventuring.